Author Spotlight: Janet McClintock, Author of WORST OF ALL EVILS

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WORST OF ALL EVILS, the debut thriller by Janet McClintock, explores honor and trust and the blurry line between being good or bad. I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Ms. McClintock, who has raced motorcycles, owned horses, drove a tractor trailer across the country, and has spent thirty years training in martial arts. Action comes easy to her. Tell me, what’s the premise? Joan Bowman joins the Constitution Defense Legion to fight a runaway government in Washington, D.C., but after working her way into a leadership position, she discovers the underground resistance group is as bad as the government it is fighting. Her only way out alive is to become a state’s witness, but betraying the group means betraying her mentor and lover.

Author interview: Susan Sofayov, Author of DEFECTIVE

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Today I’m shining the spotlight on debut novelist Susan Sofayov, author of DEFECTIVE, released in April. (Get your copy here!). Susan Sofayov lives in the scenic, tropical Pittsburgh, PA with her real estate developer husband, a tenth grade son, and the most hated dog in the neighborhood. She is the mother of two college students and lives for the weekends they come home. Tell me – what’s DEFECTIVE about? University of Pittsburgh law student, Maggie Hovis, battles an enemy she cannot escape—her own brain. Where do you write? There is an extra bedroom in our house that I’ve turned into an office/ironing room/junk depository.  I have one of those corner desks, facing the wall, which is not a bad thing. The walls aren’t distracting.

Author interview: Lori M. Jones, Author of RENAISSANCE OF THE HEART

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Today I’m interviewing debut novelist Lori M. Jones about her release of RENAISSANCE OF THE HEART – available on Amazon now! (*squealing*) I love speaking with writers, and hearing about the road they’ve traveled to publication. Never an easy road. Wrought with ups and downs and detours that seemingly lead to nowhere. But this writer made it happen. Here’s her story… Tell me – what’s RENAISSANCE OF THE HEART about? A woman’s journey to find forgiveness and to find love again after her husband leaves her for another man.

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