Aftertaste, and its compelling and exceptionally brave protagonist, will stay with me every time I step into my kitchen. Mira and her world are so artfully drawn, and with such utility, that I found myself pausing, often, to study how Mileti did it. How she uses food as a metaphor for love and life, the cadence of her prose, and the rich language especially, had me devouring every page. I was so entralled in Mira’s journey, that I read the last couple of chapters while hooked to a power cord. I love how the author brings some of the little known aspects of Pittsburgh’s charm alive here, and that Mira, at last, triumphs. I half expect to find Spuntino during my next stroll through the strip district, and share its comfort foods at one of those Rustic wooden tables Mira envisioned. Thank you, Ms. Mileti, for creating such a treasure.