5 tips: dress your table for success #BookFair #Authors

Imagine: your book display catches a reader's eye from across a crowded room. They swing by, pick up your book, and read the jacket blurb. They linger. They whip out their phone and scan the ISBN barcode for more info. And the next thing you know, they're spelling their name aloud so you can personalize their copy. Ah...it's

It’ll be A Novel Affair at the Carnegie Library of Beaver Falls, Oct 22 7-9PM

The Carnegie Library of Beaver Falls is hosting A Novel Affair, featuring authors, appetizers, and live music. Have your book purchases signed by the authors. Raffle baskets and silent auction, including Framed #31 Penn State jersey signed by Paul Posluszny and Shane Conlan. Tickets available at the library ($20) or at the door the night

The day my grandpa sprung me from high school

I might have been the only kid at Marple Newtown High School whose grandpa sprung her out of English class mid-day. It was freshman year. I was a quiet girl, relatively new to the district. Our principal appeared in the doorway and announced in front of the whole class that my grandpa had called (gasp!), and I was to go home -- immediately

4 Star Review of I’m Yours by Long and Short Reviews

I'm Yours was chosen to be reviewed by Long and Short Reviews. Thank you! It's always helpful to get honest feedback from professionals, and I'm grateful for every word of it. You can read the full review here.

St. Patrick’s Day Sale 25% off at All Romance!

Happy St. Patty's Day! All Romance Books is running a 25% off special today ! Both of my books, which are companion works, are being featured today. If you read one but not the other, today's a great time to scoop it up. I'm Yours and Return To Me Excerpt from I'm Yours, my Roaring '20s historical:

Starting a novel is like falling in love #amwriting

That first idea. That first flutter. That moment when you go "ah ha! That's the one!" People ask me how I know. How do I decide what to write about. All I can say is this: I walk around with an obscene knot of ideas (which explains why I often look like I'm in a daze). Most are terrible.

A father’s advice to his son on how to be a good soldier

Here’s the advice my grandpa gave my uncle the summer of 1967. Dear Phil, Since we had little time to talk before you embarked for your stint in the army, you missed out on some good advice on how to get along in the army without half trying. Here are a few gems from which you can profit. l. Most soldiers are assigned to KP duty sometime during their khaki career. This isn’t at all necessary. Should some sergeant suggest that you might like to wash a few pans, just ask to be excused. Explain that you never were one to enjoy working around the kitchen and that you see no reason why you should start at your time of life. If he coaxes, be firm. Be polite, but firm. When he realizes you mean business, he’ll go find someone less determined than yourself.

Leave her an eCrumb trail

eCrumbs When our kids used to nap, my husband would bike the back roads near our house on the weekends, but I always worried. Once, during a thunderstorm, I woke up my youngest from her nap, strapped the kids into the car, and went looking for him. He sometimes rides 50-60 miles, but he always (sometimes) tells me where. When we finally found him in North Park, drenched and happy, I was confused (and a little irritated). Because…

7 Ways to Stay Happy in Love without Losing Yourself

Today I’m speaking with Jennifer Salvage, co-author with her husband, Jeff, of One Dress, One Woman, One World: Experience the World Through the Eyes of a Bride. On their wedding day in 2008, Jennifer and Jeff Salvage hiked across Easter Island with her lace gown stuffed in a backpack. The photographs Jeff took of Jennifer inspired the extreme-loving couple to continue their adventures—with Jennifer wearing the same dress—in more than 150 exotic places around the world. What I want to know is how this globe-trotting duo gel when the photo shoots and nationally-televised interviews end—when they are a typical couple like the rest of us, dealing with the day-to-day. Jennifer shares:

Don’t just stand there

Just when I thought I had awkward social situations figured out, I experienced the dog park. A sprawling green space where frisbees fly and golden retrievers leap in the air like a dog food commercial – that’s what I was expecting. But no. My first time there, our goldendoodle puppy cowered behind my legs as a stampede of drool-dangling, bohemian-ish, rescued pit-bull mixes bulldozed toward her. I, of course, freaked. I crouched down to protect my furry baby, as any good dog-mother should do. Right? Wrong.

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