This morning after I got the kids on the bus, I clicked on PlayDatesOnFridays to read the daily post before jumping into the shower. You can imagine my surprise to see that PlayDatesOnFridays nominated me for the “Bloggy” award *dancing*

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you PlayDatesOnFridays, whose posts I always look forward to reading. Because they’re that good. And they find a way of staying with me. And for those of you who write a blog, or have ever tried to write a blog, you know how hard it is. It’s terrifying. Like being naked on the internet but worse. 

The rules for acceptance of this award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for your new fancy schmancy award, and be sure to include a link back to their site in your acceptance speech. 2. Share 7 random facts about yourself. 3. Pass on the award to 13 other versatile bloggers

Seven random facts? Let’s see 1) I’m nebby 2) I smile. a. lot. 3) I hate wet socks 4) i owe the world to my husband for supporting me in this venture 5) I’m writing my third  novel (early starts still in the drawer) 6) my favorite time of day is just before the sun sets and everything turns gold 7) i’m fiercely committed to my family and friends…and chocolate. And that i love our golden-doodle, even when she turns into Chewbacca. Hairy is in, right?

Now for my nominations!

Denise Drespling: this blogger and web designer/builder has blown me out of the water with her social media prowess. She’s a firm believer in paying it forward and creating a conversation online, and sharing what she knows. I have learned much. In her “Land of What Ifs” she posts about writing and reading and making your novel sellable. She reviews books. A ton.

Karma, Between the Lines: My CP worked with this author recently during a Twitter Pitch contest and so I checked out her blog. Right away I loved her! Her writing is authentic. When I read her work, I feel like I’m in good hands.

Dana Faletti: Dana is a novelist who wrote Whisper and Wake and is working on book three of the trilogy about a teenage angel who slays demons. Brilliant! She also writes incredibly moving women’s fiction with such richness I can taste it. She speaks to high school students and blogs to create awareness of the scary issues teen face, which I commend her for doing. Nuf said.

Cara Reinard: Cara is a novelist represented by Victoria Lowes at The Bent Agency. I have beta read for her and absolutely cannot get enough of her psychological suspense thrillers. Think Gone Girl meets Fight Club. She’s up and coming…keep your eye out for her.

Miss Snark’s First Victim: This blogger is like an author/agent matchmaker! She’s wonderful in how she gives back to aspiring authors. Miss Snark runs contests for writers to connect with agents all year round. You get to pitch your book, benefit from peer critiques, be read by top agents, and move forward in your journey toward publication.  I entered her Baker’s Dozen contest in November and got a full request from an agent judge.

Ninie Hammon: Ninie (rhymes with shiny) is an author who writes wonderful posts on writing your novel, marketing your novel, book reviews, and more. She’s very knowledgable and I like her style. And I appreciate that she takes the time to personally thank me when I retweet her stuff!

Scary Mommy: Really funny! And down to earth. Loved her recent post: “10 Motherhood Skills that should result in a pay increase.” Check her out.

How To Be A Dad: this is one to follow. Claims to NOT be an expert in “dadology” (love that) and recommends love, laughs and a sturdy helmet to get through parenting. Really well done site and funny, interesting posts from a Dad’s perspective, which I love to hear about. Bravo.

Mommy Adventures: Featured as number 15 on Top Mommy Blogs — I love that one of her keywords is poop. She’s smart, funny, and loves mom adventures — what’s not to love?

Savvy Sassy Moms: A nice mix of all kinds of useful, every day stuff like how to cuff your jeans with different shoes. I need this kind of help and I’m not afraid to admit it.

The Secret Diary of a Ninja Mom: written by a single mom who is also a foodie and self proclaimed “ninja chick” (love that) who is funny, sarcastic and real. Made it to #5 on the list of top mommy blogs.

Not Your Average Mom: this mom of seven writes about how she keeps order and sanity (is she for hire?!!). Really resonate with her blog posts. #2 on the list of top mommy blogs and I can see why.

Healthy for Kids: A great site about parenting, child education, children diseases, pregnancy, and with videos and resources.

Thank you again to PlayDatesOnFridays for the “Bloggy” award !