1940s Motherhood

As a gift for my Mom’s birthday, I took her back to Beaver, the quaint town on the Ohio river where she grew up. As Mom and I walked from her brick home on the corner of Bank and Commerce along her usual route to the store where Grandma sent her to buy milk and bread, I stepped back in time. I never knew Mom had a green bike named Bess with a basket for her bunny. That her mother paid her a nickel to play with the girl up the street instead of the boys in the alley. And how my grandfather, the principal of Beaver High School, turned away a boy who came to take Mom out on a date. Back then, kids played outside. Grandma blew a whistle twice to call Mom and my uncles in for supper. And, like many mothers in those days, Grandma’s schedule went like this: she washed clothes on Monday, ironed on Tuesday, sewed on Wednesday, cleaned on Thursday. We’re not sure what she did on Friday. Rested, we hope.

Storyee Wryter Gets a Dog

At the Pennwriters Conference in May, I met Barbara Simpson Carducci, author of "Storee Wryter Gets a Dog." Ms. Carducci's book was named one of the Best Dog Books for Young Readers in Cesar's Way Magazine (August Issue), the Official Publication of Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer. Check it out on Amazon!

First Runner-up at WritersType

Just got word that "Baba's Banana's," has been selected as the 2011 WritersType Flash Fiction Runner-up. I want to thank WritersType for their recognition and for publishing my story on their site!

Launch of Beyond the Diaper Bag

Both non-fiction pieces I submitted to "Beyond the Diaper Bag" have been included in the collection now available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Lulu. "A Little Known Truth" was inspired by our daughter's struggle with night terrors. We had no idea large tonsils caused pediatric sleep apnea, which in turn triggered night

“Baba’s Bananas” awarded First Place

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WritersType contacted me a few weeks ago to deliver the good news that my submission, "Baba's Bananas" ranked as the winner of the March 2011 Flash Fiction competition. One of the perks of placing is that WritersType shares reader comments with the writer. This feedback was helpful in polishing my final version. I also discovered

“Run” awarded Honorable Mention by Women On Writing

I took a chance and submitted "Run" to Women On Writing under the flash fiction category one summer night. Months later I received the news that my story took honorable mention, which was exactly the motivation I needed. I have to thank talented writer and dear friend, Lori M. Jones, for encouraging me to put


Laddy loves to run away. Mama and I drive miles to find him. Some folks say he’s lucky to be alive, that dog, known to dodge tractor trailers, wrestle ‘possums, and nip the heels of cattle – apparently for fun. He often returns with a wet coat or fur so matted with prickly cockleburs I have to cut them free. Drives Mama mad. “He’s with Red again,” Red’s owner accuses. Laddy and Red love to run together. Only Red, the springer spaniel from across the way, allows herself to be caught by strangers with outstretched hands and good intentions. Not Laddy. By the time we arrive where Red waits, Laddy is long gone.

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