Storm Watcher

Unable to sleep, I check on Molly. Her small body huddles under the covers, dark lashes framing her peaceful face and Pooh bear tucked under her arm. I want to touch her soft curls and smell her breath, proof of her vitality. Ever since the accident, this vigil gives me comfort. That day began like any other. Dash, our Shepard mix, woke me with urgent pokes and when I didn’t respond, resorted to licking my feet. If only the dog could brew coffee and bring me the first cup. Thinking of the busy day ahead, I groaned, eyed the bright digits on my bedside clock and threw back the duvet. I saw Sam’s note: “I’ll pick you up at the office. Call your sister.” She had called three times without leaving a message, and I hoped for Sam’s sake, she wasn’t canceling. He’d planned a getaway to the coast and my sister was supposed to watch Molly.

Street Justice Served

Just wrapped up my six-week creative writing course! One of my students has edited several books written by an inmate on death row for 33 years. His debut novel is coming out this summer, Street Justice Served. I'll keep you posted on its official launch and how to purchase your copy. Looking forward to all

Book Launch: Whisper

Looking for a good summer read for you and your teen? Check out Dana Faletti's book Whisper, book one of the trilogy. Join fifteen-year-old Callie Evans on her journey as she discovers she's an Arc - an angel sent to battle demons on earth - in this funny, action-packed and thought-provoking debut novel. You can

My moment of truth at the 2013 Pennwriters Conference

When I arrived at the Airport Marriott in Pittsburgh Friday for the Pennwriters Conference, my friend told me about a “read and critique” session happening after the keynote dinner. All I needed was two pages of my manuscript and a one paragraph synopsis, formatted correctly. No name. Easy, right? Horrifying.

Aftertaste: A novel in five courses by Meredith Mileti

Aftertaste, and its compelling and exceptionally brave protagonist, will stay with me every time I step into my kitchen. Mira and her world are so artfully drawn, and with such utility, that I found myself pausing, often, to study how Mileti did it. How she uses food as a metaphor for love and life, the

Top 10 most read books in the world over the past 50 years

You may be surprised by this list of the top 10 most read books in the world. According to the data, this is based on the number of books printed and sold over the last 50 years.

First Chapter of Return To Me awarded first place

The first chapter of my debut novel, Return To Me, was awarded first place in the First Chapter category by Writers Type in November 2012. Return To Me is complete at 85,000 words. I am still searching for the right literary home for my manuscript. Writers Type runs monthly contests for emerging authors and posts

60 years later, soldier’s plane found in Alaska

The crash site of the C-124A Globemaster that went missing 60 years ago was discovered by JPAC in Alaska earlier this month. The brother of one of the 52 servicemen aboard is interviewed in this article:

Saberah’s legacy helps the Animal Rescue League

Twenty years ago, I had to find a new home for Saberah, my Arabian horse. I was in college and my parents were moving from the property where Dad had built a two-stall barn for Saberah and my sister’s Morgan, Cornelius. I was devastated. Then, the perfect person came along. She wanted to take Saberah to the mountains of Virginia and promised to keep in touch. And she has.

“Full Circle” awarded First Place

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Today I received an email from WritersType that my latest submission, "Full Circle," ranked as the winner of the June 2012 Flash Fiction competition! The idea for this story came from my amazing Dad who made additional wooden inserts for our antique table. You'd never know his leafs aren't original. As we inserted each leaf

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