And the “Bloggy” Award goes to…

This morning after I got the kids on the bus, I clicked on PlayDatesOnFridays to read the daily post before jumping into the shower. You can imagine my surprise to see that PlayDatesOnFridays nominated me for the “Bloggy” award *dancing* Thank you! Thank you! Thank you PlayDatesOnFridays, whose posts I always look forward to reading. Because they’re that good. And they find a way of staying with me. And for those of you who write a blog, or have ever tried to write a blog, you know how hard it is. It’s terrifying. Like being naked on the internet but worse.  The rules for acceptance of this award are as follows:

Return To Me selected for Baker’s Dozen Agent Auction

Return To Me was selected for the upcoming 2013 Baker's Dozen Agent Auction that takes place on December 3. You can go to the blog as early as November 29 to see my logline and first 250 words, available for public critique! Then on Dec 3, the agents will begin bidding on manuscripts. Thank you

First Chapter of Return To Me awarded first place

The first chapter of my debut novel, Return To Me, was awarded first place in the First Chapter category by Writers Type in November 2012. Return To Me is complete at 85,000 words. I am still searching for the right literary home for my manuscript. Writers Type runs monthly contests for emerging authors and posts

“Full Circle” awarded First Place

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Today I received an email from WritersType that my latest submission, "Full Circle," ranked as the winner of the June 2012 Flash Fiction competition! The idea for this story came from my amazing Dad who made additional wooden inserts for our antique table. You'd never know his leafs aren't original. As we inserted each leaf

First Runner-up at WritersType

Just got word that "Baba's Banana's," has been selected as the 2011 WritersType Flash Fiction Runner-up. I want to thank WritersType for their recognition and for publishing my story on their site!

“Baba’s Bananas” awarded First Place

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WritersType contacted me a few weeks ago to deliver the good news that my submission, "Baba's Bananas" ranked as the winner of the March 2011 Flash Fiction competition. One of the perks of placing is that WritersType shares reader comments with the writer. This feedback was helpful in polishing my final version. I also discovered

“Run” awarded Honorable Mention by Women On Writing

I took a chance and submitted "Run" to Women On Writing under the flash fiction category one summer night. Months later I received the news that my story took honorable mention, which was exactly the motivation I needed. I have to thank talented writer and dear friend, Lori M. Jones, for encouraging me to put

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