Bookish Holiday Treats! #holidaygiveaway5 @carolynmenke #ReturnToMe @kathieshoop

Gather ‘round for the chance to win the romantic page-turner, RETURN TO ME, by Carolyn Menke! The winner receives the novel, a $30 AMAZON gift card, a filigree-patterned compact by DECORATIVE DESIGN WORKS, and an enameled box bursting with SECRET GOODIES - the incredible Day 5 prize package that's part of Kathleen Shoop's 12 Days of Christmas

Stirring up memories from the ’40s at St. Barnabas

I am honored to have become friends with marine Betty Conn, who proudly served in World War II (pictured with me). She set me straight on a few '40s facts while I was writing Return To Me, and shared an early draft with her 20-member book club at The Woodlands of St. Barnabas. Their input was generous

Newsmaker in the Tribune-Review

I found this in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review! Thank you to reporter, Katelyn Ferral, for interviewing me last week, and to Andrew Conte, also with the Trib, for putting us in touch. Here's the full newsmaker.

Sadie’s compact mirror from RETURN TO ME

Here it is! Sadie's compact mirror that is stolen by a pickpocket in Pittsburgh's Union Station in an opening scene of Return To Me. The compact belonged to Sadie's mother. I'll have it on display at my book signing at the Penguin Bookshop. I love the wreath border and striped ribbing of this silver-plated little

Cover reveal for Return To Me!

My book has a cover! What do you think?   A huge thank you to the talented Kim Mendoza for capturing the essence of my historical war-time romance! I love the layered, romantic feel. The train’s steam shooting into the sky and the bomber planes place us in a World War II setting. Sadie is every bit as lovely and contemplative as I imagined. I have to admit I was nervous about this stage of the process. You pour every bit of yourself into writing a novel only to turn it over and let it go — like sending your baby off to school. But the whole team at the Wild Rose Press was highly collaborative from the start. 

Return to Me

Return To Me - forthcoming late summer of 2015! Eighteen-year-old Sadie Stark, raised by the governor of Pennsylvania, has got the world on a string. She doesn’t need the mother who left her any more than she needs the fiance who promises to change. What she needs is to finish college, and keep her wits about

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