Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 9.00.47 AMOne of the hardest parts of being an author is putting your work out there. It’s terrifying. It’s like sending your child out in the world without you. You devote all of this time creating a world with characters who have emotion and hopes and dreams…and failures. Will anyone care about them? Will anyone rally, cry, or swoon on their behalf? Will someone hate them? You have no idea who’s reading your books or whether they’re any good. That’s why reviews matter.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 9.01.55 AMI tend to shy away from talking about my published work, as many writers do, preferring to let it speak for itself. The characters are so real in my mind that I half expect to see one walking down the street and say hey to me. They’re not perfect. Far from it. They’re flawed and selfish and indecisive. They make mistakes they have to get out of, or through. That’s why when someone tells me “I read your book,” and then they go on to tell me their favorite part or they mention a detail or two about a character–usually something they strongly disagreed or agreed with–I could hug them. There’s nothing like it. Because that reader went on a journey with me in their very own way. I wish I could personally thank each and every reader. Even if they don’t know me to tell me about it. Like my characters who speak for themselves within the printed pages of my books, your review speaks for you. It’s a beautiful thing. Thank you!

Reviews are like tips at the end of a good meal! Consider posting yours on AmazonGoodreads, and Barnes & Noble. Don’t stress about what to say or how to say it – a one liner is perfectly fine! Thank you! They’re all gold to me.